Contract Management Software

ASP.Net Version (C#)

Our Contract Management Software is a web application that resides on your organizations computer. The web application will allow your company personnel to use their web-browsers to connect to a centralized database (on your server) for the purpose of manage contracts, vendors, users, department, and categories plus more...

The Contract Management Software is developed in using the C# language, and includes FULL source code. View Images...

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Server Requirements:
  • Windows server
  • Asp.Net
  • .Net Framework
  • MS SQL database
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If you would like more information about the product, please contact us.
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  • * An easy solution for contract management.
  • * Completely user friendly design.
  • * Enter multiple locations, departments, and categories.
  • * Early warning of contract expiration.
  • * Track income, expense, and hours.
  • * Upload images of your original contract.
  • * Add and delete users.
  • * Manage your vendors.
  • * Track contracts by division (location), category, department, and vendor.
  • * Print reports.
  • * Install the application on your Intranet, Internet, or local machine.
  • * Full database driven web application - MS SQL database.
  • * Built with using C# - fully customizable.

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