Purchase Order Software

ASP.Net Version

Our Purchase Order Software is a web application that resides on your organizations computer. The web application will allow your company personnel to use their web-browsers to connect to a centralized database (on your server) for the purpose of creating, approving and tracking purchase orders.

The Purchase Order Software is developed in ASP.net using the VB language, and includes FULL source code. View Images...

Server Requirements:
  • Windows server
  • Asp.Net
  • .Net Framework
  • MS SQL database
To receive the username and password to view our online demo, click the "View our demos" button below or click here.

If you prefer to install and evaluate the .Net Purchase Order Demo on your server, click here to download the file.

If you would like more information about the product, please contact us.
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  • * Easy-to-use purchase order entry system.
  • * Create professional looking purchase orders.
  • * Enter multiple divisions (locations) and departments for your company.
  • * Enter separate ship to and bill to addresses.
  • * Designate who can create purchase orders and who can approve purchase orders.
  • * Enter project (job) numbers with budget amounts.
  • * Assign a project (job) number to each purchase order.
  • * Track purchase orders by number, date, company, division (location), project number and vendor.
  • * Ability to mark-off partial orders.
  • * Manage your vendors.
  • * Manage the LifeCycle from order placement through receiving goods.
  • * Install the application on your Intranet, Internet, or local machine.
  • * Full database driven web application - MS SQL database.
  • * Built with ASP.net using VB.net - fully customizable.

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