Rental Property Website

Rental Property Management

The Rental Property Website includes a database application that provide users with the ability to add rental properties to the web site using powerful forms that are easy to use and provides visitors with the ability to browse or search those rental properties.

The Rental Property Website is developed in ASP using VbScript, and includes FULL source code.

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Server Requirements:
  • Windows server
  • Active Server Pages (ASP)
  • MS Access database support
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  • * Provides the ability to add rental properties to the web site.
  • * Ability to add multiple users
  • * Post-unlimited rental property listings
  • * Rental property listings with link to details page.
  • * Upload Images of the rental property.
  • * Upload a Brochure about the rental property.
  • * Listings display the company logo
  • * Search the database City, Zip Code, Style, Price Range (rent), Bedrooms, and Baths.
  • * Featured Properties on main page.
  • * Prospective Tenant signup - will receive email on NEW Rental Properties!
  • * Install the application on your Internet Server.
  • * Full database driven application - MS Access database.
  • * Built with ASP using VB Script - fully customizable.